Film Series: Monochromatic Holga

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benscan382The Range (Ilford Delta 400, Holga 120N)


The Fields (Ilford Delta 400, Holga 120N)

80160011The Dance (Kodak T-MAX 400, Holga 120N)

For the past few weeks I’ve agonizingly debated the idea of posting non-pinhole images here (read: I’ve put way too much thought into it ).  While I haven’t necessarily made up my mind quite yet, I at least thought I’d do a trial run with some Holga images.  I always try to shoot with a handful of different film cameras – my pinhole being probably the most used (and favorite) while the Holga gets quite underused overall in comparison.  Anway, I’m trying to make a concentrated effort to utilize the Holga more, especially with monochromatic film, which I feel compliments the crude little plastic camera quite well.



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A short while back I posted a 35mm picture of my pinhole camera set up in front of this scene while waiting for the light to break through the clouds. This is the result of what the pinhole saw.

Behind the Scenes: Palouse Edition

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Behind the Scenes: Palouse Edition

While waiting for some light to hit this wheat field in southeast Washington, I decided to capture my little pinhole camera in action. This image was taken with the same Pentax K1000 35mm camera that I use to meter scenes for the subsequent pinhole exposures.

Pinhole images from this trip (and maybe even this scene) to hopefully come soon!